Minimum order of 2 dozen if purchasing separately

Cupcakes are a great way to share the good times with your guests! Perfect for a party or as a gift to a loved one. Cupcakes can come in many colours and flavours so let your imagination run wild!

If purchasing with other items the minimum buy is 1 dozen, otherwise minimum order is 2 dozen.

From $45/dozen

Mini Cakes

Approx. 6 serves

Mini cakes are a sweet little addition to a dessert table which can be customised with smaller items like lollies and fruits.

Must be purchased in conjunction with another item (e.g. 12 cupcakes)

From $70

6" Cakes

Approx. 10-20 serves

These cakes are great for a smaller gathering and can be flavoured and filled with all sorts of lovely fruits and candy. Have a look through our gallery to get some inspiration on your design, or contact us with your own ideas!

From $130

8" Cakes

Approx. 20-40 serves

This cake is a little larger than the 6" and can accommodate more decorations on top and makes a larger statement at a gathering.

From $180

10" Cake

Approx. 40-70 serves

This cake is the largest single tier available and has the most space to adorn with all of the treats you can imagine!

From $250

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Two-Tier Cakes (4"+6" | 6"+8" | 8"+10")

From approx. 20-30 serves

Two-tiered cakes are great for any event if you want to make your guests jaws drop in awe. These cakes have room for cascading flowers and for an overload of fruits, chocolates and candy!

From $220

Three-Tier Cakes (4"+6"+8" | 6"+8"+10")

From approx. 60-100 serves

Three-tiered cakes make one of the biggest statements. Perfect for weddings and for those extra special events which you want your guests to remember! Like the two-tiered cakes, these can be adorned in flowers, fruits, chocolates and candy.

From $400

Dessert Tables

Choose from one of our 3 dessert table packages to take the stress out of preparing for a party, birthday, wedding or engagement! See our Dessert Table gallery for a list of packages. What is provided:

  • Desserts from a selected package

  • Delivery and set up of the desserts

  • Stands and trays available for hire (additional cost)

From $320

Dessert Cups

Minimum order of 2 dozen if purchasing separately

Customise your dessert table with some delicious dessert cups including: Panna Cotta, Sparkling Jelly and Chocolate Mousse. Can be decorated with edible flowers, chocolates, sprinkles and fresh fruit.

If purchasing with other items the minimum buy is 1 dozen, otherwise minimum order is 2 dozen.

From $36/dozen

Other Sweets

Minimum order of 2 dozen if purchasing separately

Need something a little extra for your event? Let us know what type of sweets you'd like or check out our gallery for some inspiration and we'll give you a quote!

If purchasing with other items the minimum buy is 1 dozen, otherwise minimum order is 2 dozen.

From $2 each

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Dark Desires

Rich chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, dark chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate brownie, toasted meringue, salted caramel sauce.


Strawberry Fields

Lemon vanilla cake, strawberry basil compote, strawberry buttercream, handmade crispy meringue, freeze dried strawberries.

The Berry Best

Vanilla bean cake, mixed berry compote, trio of buttercream (raspberry, boysenberry, vanilla bean), fresh seasonal berries, silver/gold leaf.

Full Fat Mocha Chocha Latte

Rich chocolate cake, coffee creme filling, mocha buttercream, mocha marshmallow, coffee drizzle, choc-covered coffee beans.

"It’s your Arc de Triomphe as far as I’m concerned! This is hands down the most delicious cake I’ve had by you so far (and you know I’ve had you on speed dial since you started baking 😘)

Every time, I feel like you’ve outbested yourself and I am amazed again and again by how you keep coming up with better and more delicious creations!

Thanks Dani, as always!"


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